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CTLite Modular Design Full Spectrum 480W LED Grow Light




1. Technical Specifications: 

* Input AC: AC85-265,50/60HZ

* Draw Power: 480w

* LED Quantity: 240pieces 

* LED Brand: 3w Epileds 

* LED Package: SMD3535 

* Power Factor: >95% 

* Product Size: 708*370*70mm 

* Package Size: 710*430*100mm 

* N.W./G.W: 8.2kg/8.5kg 

* Working Environment: -20℃~40℃ 

* Humidity<95%




2. Features: 

* Modular design and easy maintenance, exchange parts no need to take off covers; 

* Iron covers+aluminum side, light weight and good heat dissipation; 

* Full Spectrum & UV & IR for plants' better vegetative and flowering; 

Environment-friendly, no harmful substance like HPS & MH, no hazardous waste.






3. PAR and Lux Distribution:





4. Notice:

* For indoor use only

* To avoid damage, lighting unit must not get wet

* For vision safety, do not look at the light directly.

* Socket must be wired to the earth.

* Operate your light in the well ventilated environment.